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NameFloorTypeAreaBalcony / terraceGardenOrientationStatusPriceDetailshf:att:pa_dispozicehf:att:pa_podlazihf:att:pa_orientacehf:att:pa_stav
030-3.2+kk61.80 m²5.40 m²14.80 m²VAvailable8 716 522 Detail2kk-en3-en-2v-en-2dostupn-en-2
1041.2+kk58.7 m²11.4 m²VPre-reserved9 515 130 Detail2kk-en1-env-en-2pedrezervovno-en
2012.3+kk91.8 m²7.1 m²SWAvailable14 340 000 Detail3kk-en2-enjz-endostupn-en-2
3053.4+kk107.8 m²15.4 m²NEPre-reserved17 170 000 Detail4kk-en3-ensv-enpedrezervovno-en
33-3.1+kk45.8 m²8.3 m²17.7 m²VPre-reserved7 206 957 Detail1kk-en3-en-2v-en-2pedrezervovno-en
5025.2+kk62 m²5.2 m²JAvailable9 999 165 Detail2kk-en5-enj-endostupn-en-2
5065.3+kk92.4 m²8.2 m²NWPre-reserved14 400 000 Detail3kk-en5-ensz-enpedrezervovno-en
Price stated above includes VAT. Price stated above does not include parking spot and storage space. It is necessary to buy parking spot (350 000 CZK excl. VAT) and storage space (from 70 000 CZK excl. VAT) to every apartment. Contact our sales manager for more information.